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 Rylans Trial

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PostSubject: Rylans Trial    Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:53 pm

Hello I'm Rylan and I'm very interested in joining HD.
Online Forum Name: UltimateGamers03
Common Mii Names: Rylan
Country: USA, California
Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time
Age: 13
Skype Name: exrylan
NNID: UltimateGamers03
Best and Favorite Tracks: Mario Kart Stadium, Excitebike Arena, and Hyrule Circuit
Worst and Least Favorite Tracks: Toads Turnpike, Cheep Cheep Beach, and Moo Moo Meadows
Best Time Trials: Mario Kart Stadium 1:38.702, Excitebike Arena 1:45.469, and Hyrule Circuit 1:51.763
Why you want to tryout for HD: I want join to a mature clan, improve my time trials, and meet new friends.
Why you think you should be accepted into HD: I think I should be accepted into HD because I have great teamwork, mature, and I'm really nice. I'm willing to improve and get tips from members and leaders. I take wars seriously especially in MKU.
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Rylans Trial
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