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 Tryout for HD

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PostSubject: Tryout for HD   Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:39 pm

-Online forum name: mk8chato
-common mii names: Chato,chaos.
- country: USA
-Timezone: pacific
-age: 13
-Skype ID: mkchato
- Clan history: I've started off playing on mkwii and after it died I joined several miiverse clans including one I had made called Extreme Drifters. After that, I joined uG only to have it die two weeks later. Then I joined Levitate and moved on to Cross. I joined cross twice after it had died once and when it died again I joined sG.
-Best/Favorite tracks: dYC, dNBC, dCL, rMC,dRR,PPS, MKS, DS, SA, rRRy , rMP.
Worst/Least favorite tracks: dRiR, RR, dBP, TH, rTT, rDDD, dDD, dMC, dBB.
- Best TTs: dYC(1:45.664) , dNBC(1:48.210) *with stick SSC (1:52.712) SA(2:02.023
-Controller: Gamepad(stick only) Wiimote *sometimes
- Can mic for 50% of wars.
- I joined the mk community on June 11, 2014.
-Joined online gaming community on December 24, 2014.
- Can only play on Wednesdays.
- 9.5\10 is my weekend activity.
* I play other games such as Splatoon and Smash.
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PostSubject: Re: Tryout for HD   Fri Nov 06, 2015 10:02 pm

Good luck
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Tryout for HD
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