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 Tryout for HD

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PostSubject: Tryout for HD   Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:21 pm

-Common Mii Names: Rain, Natalia
-Country: Canada
-Timezone: EST/EDT
-Age: 12 but mature Wink 2
-Skype ID: supergio123mario
-NNID: Hellouseritsme
-Clan History: sG, Rated R
-Best/Favorite Tracks: Good at: dAC, dCL, dDD, SSC and those are also my favourites Smile
-Worst/Least Favorite Tracks: Electrodome, Wario Staduim but I'm willing to try these to learn them
-Best TTs (post actual times): first things first, I suck at TTs! I've never been good but my best was on dAC: 1:40.820, lost it cause data deleted but after data it's dDD with 1:49.8. As you can see I'm not the best
-Controller: Wheel
-Can you mic during wars? Listen but I use gamepad and I learned a lot about teamwork in sG
-When did you join the MK community? June 2014
-When did you first join online gaming communities in general? June again since that's when I made a MKW.com account
-Can you play on weekdays? Every other weekend as my parents are divorced so can only play half
-What does your weekend availability look like? When I have access. All day Sunday, most of Saturday

- Thank you, Rain/MG
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Tryout for HD
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