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 H4I's HD tryout

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PostSubject: H4I's HD tryout    Mon Nov 09, 2015 12:11 am

Common Mii names:H4I,HARY
Skype ID:live:hst48
Clan History:Teams:Rated R,Subs:Cheese waffles, Strikes Miles Harem,Caillou's Playpen, Asteroid and Atlantis.I left CP and Asteriod and smh died
Best/Favorite tracks: Water Park,Big Blue and Mute City
Worst/least favorite tracks:Dry Dry Desert, Cloudtop cruise,rGV and bowser Castle
Best Time trials:I don't tt actively, i only tt waiting for the host to open room,but the one I mostly tt is WP and dBB and 1:44.953 for WP and 1:27.116 for dBB.
Can you mic during wars: Yes, i can talk in calls
When did you join the MK community:October 2012
When did you first join online gaming communities in general: 9 years ago and im 14
Can you play on weekdays:Yes i can but not every weekday because i have to go to work on Thursday's.
What does your weekend availability look like:9/10 on Saturday's and 8/10 on Sunday's
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H4I's HD tryout
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