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PostSubject: Application   Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:26 pm

-Online Forum Name
-Common Mii Names: Blaze, Woodman
-Country: USA
-Timezone: EST
-Age: 15
-Skype ID: blaze_118
-NNID: blazew00d
-Clan History: Crazy 8s, Black and White, Serene Grace
-Best/Favorite Tracks: Wild woods, DS Tick tock clock, Sunshine Airport, Rainbow Road 8
-Worst/Least Favorite Tracks: DS Cheep Cheep Beach, N64 Rainbow Road, GBA Ribbon Road
-Best TTs (post actual times): Mario Kart Stadium (1:36.819), 3DS DK Jungle (2:03.430), DS Tick Tock Clock (1:46.553), Super Bell Subway (1:38.947), Big Blue (1:24.800)
-Controller: WiiU Pro Controller
-Can you mic during wars?: Yes, unless someone in my family is in the room or anywhere near me
-When did you join the MK community?: Started playing actively in 2008 (But not competitive at all)
-When did you first join online gaming communities in general?: Early 2012
-Can you play on weekdays?: It depends how much work I have to do for the week, on average I can usually play a little bit each day though
-What does your weekend availability look like?: Active, I can basically always play unless stuff comes up (Which doesn't happen often except for religious stuff on sundays)
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