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 Anikii'z apps

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PostSubject: Anikii'z apps   Sun May 01, 2016 3:26 pm

-Online Forum Name : Anikii
-Common Mii Names : Anikii / Alexis / Ale / Heath
-Country : Living in France, not native but who cares tbh  Sad
-Timezone : gmt+1
-Age : 17
-Skype ID : kbcpzk
-NNID : nickicanhost / biduulee
-Clan History : I went in a lot of clan, I'm trying to find a stable one since much months (90% of the teams I went in closed i'm a black sheep :c)
-Best/Favorite Tracks : Sweet Sweet Canyon because it's so smooth (mm), GBA Mario Circuit because I'm a noob and i can be higher than last on this track v:, same for Cheese, dry dry ..  
-Worst/Least Favorite Tracks : All the frozen maps :s, it's too cold to focus :sssss
-Best TTs (post actual times) : rTTC 1'46,095 (first top Fr XD ok we don't care)
SSC : 1'49,9xx
BDD : 1'51,797
-Controller : Gamepad
-Can you mic during wars? Not always but most of the time v:
-When did you join the MK community? I joined the french community in Gennuary (<= how the fuck do you write it) 2015 and the mkboards' in the end of the summer
-When did you first join online gaming communities in general? Uh i started playing LANs when i was very childish, with AoE in 2010 if my memories are good
-Can you play on weekdays? Yes
-What does your weekend availability look like? After 6pm, like all the week :v

Thanks for reading ! 4Chap
Omg i love all those smileys $-$

Aaaalso i'm posting it with this shitty account because I created another one but I cannot connect to mail, so I added this ugly underscore Sad((
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Anikii'z apps
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