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 Bryce's Application

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PostSubject: Bryce's Application   Mon Jan 02, 2017 3:27 pm

-Online Forum Name: Bry
-Common Mii Names: Bryce, Bry
-Country: USA
-Timezone: EST
-Age: 15
-Discord ID: Bryce#3471
-NNID: Brimm4
-Clan History: Airstrikers > Dynamite > Serene Grace > Reunion
-Best/Favorite Tracks: dEA, rMMM, rDP3
-Worst/Least Favorite Tracks: rGV, dRRd, dRiRd
-Best TTs (post actual times): rDDD: 1:54.838, SA 1:56.873
-Controller: I mostly use gamepad, but I use dpad sometimes.
-Can you mic during wars?: Not very often, but sometimes I can.
-When did you join the MK community?: Sometime in July 2014 I started playing competitively.
-When did you first join online gaming communities in general? ^
-Can you play on weekdays?: Later at night I can.
-What does your weekend availability look like: On Saturdays I usually can most of the day, Sundays I can later at night.
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Bryce's Application
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