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 Team History

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PostSubject: Team History   Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:55 pm

High Definition is a Nintendo Gaming Community created on January 27th, 2009. Games we play consist of mainly Mario Kart, but we also play a little bit of Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, and PC games in our community. Despite being a casual gaming community, we also currently play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe competitively. High Definition communicates via Discord. We've had a long history; if interested, you can read it chronologically below. This will consist of all member joinings, league seasons, as well as some clan memes, happenings, and trends.


MKWii Beginnings

December 2008
- After awareness of clans via MKW TT leaderboards, concept / discussion of forming a clan for MKWii are discussed at an Ohio school between Sam, Matt, Zach, Brandon, & Spencer.
- Doesn't take off, because the group is secluded from the MKW community at large due to young age.

January 27th, 2009
- At roughly 10:10am in a 6th grade hallway, Sam, Brandon, Zach decide they can make an offline based clan anyway for fun and decide to go through with it.
- Brandon comes up with the tag HD, Zach agrees.
- Spencer agrees to join the team when talked about it. Matt initially hesitates.
- After that school day, new miis with the tag are made.
- Activity increases the next day in worldwides, and on time trial also. Weekly competition rankings begin.

February 4th, 2009
- Matt eventually joins the team to compete on the rankings and make the team better.
- Months pass with not much change other than steady improvement at the game.

August 2009
- More friends from school join, including Andrew, Elf, & Syd.
- Andrew, the 6th member, suggests making a thread of mariokartwii.com, a long time lurking spot for Sam.
- Middle school begins for the members. Many begin to lose interest in MKW in favor of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's eventual release.

September 10th, 2009
- Sam makes account on mariokartwii.com under the username "Rookie"

September 11th, 2009
- Matt follows and makes an account as well under the username "YoshiBiker6" (abbreviated YB6)
- Policy of 300 posts to make a clan thread is a rule, so the two work spam the forums for the next few weeks while trying to get new members.

Mid September, 2009
- YB6 recruits BrawlFreaks, the first member outside of the local Ohio area, soon followed by Jeremy (Yoshi-Fan-4e)

September 28th, 2009
- Rookie reaches 300 posts, finally makes team thread updated with new members, despite having to use the Wii internet to do most forum stuff due to not having his own computer at the time.

October 2009
- HD defeats TGR (Tigers) in the team's first clan war, 172-108 with a lineup of Rookie, YB6, & Spencer. (2 GPs, before a forfeit)
- Blasto joins temporarily to increase activity. He is the last member to join from the school where the team started.
- Rookie recruits Blake, and Ryan (mkwiii) becomes first member to join through asking on his own later that same day. Both become active members rather quickly.
- Kevin soon joins after.

November 2009
- More members join, including Raiga & MD.
- HD loses its 2nd war vs Underground Cavalry by a large amount, in a 5v5 war. However, the clan continues to start to war more, by defeating Tigers again, and more.
- MD leaves and creates his own team called The Blue Shells (TBS) and brings Kevin & Raiga with him as leaders. An intense rivalry starts up.
- A few more members join, most notably Seb. Harpuis joins and doesn't play much, Distorted Flames joins but leaves to pursue his own clan attempts and becomes a bit of a controversial figure later on.
- HD loses first two wars vs TBS. TBS attempts to take members by claiming to be a more active alternative. Beef is exchanged, and Kevin points out that TBS is a straight up better clan.

December 2009
- Activity goes up, thanks to Blake, Ryan, & Seb mainly. The team starts winning more, including some matches on TBS. Tensions ease up a little between the teams, and they coexist much better.
- Ace_Rulz joins the team but only very momentarily before quitting the game. However, he is responsible for creating the first team banners / graphics.
- Kingmushroom joins on the last day of the year, but only plays a few wars in his time in HD.

Early January 2010
- OmegaShadow joins the team, as well as XLR8, who becomes an important member down the road. Reaper also joins a few days before, but retires from the game shortly after.
- HD challenges TBS to a 4v4 in an attempt to get ahead in the Head to Head record. With a lineup of Rookie, BrawlFreaks, Blake, and OmegaShadow, HD annihilates TBS by a score of 355-209. OmegaShadow MVPs the war, but this would be the only war he ever plays as he goes inactive permanently due to real life business afterwards. TBS dies shortly after and HD receives a huge confidence boost, gains some members back, and starts to get some team pride going. A sense of stability is finally achieved.
- XLR8 builds our first xat chat, which currently works with Wii internet.
- Matt recruits Jake (jjas), but he only sticks around for a short time.

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PostSubject: Re: Team History   Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:02 pm

The OG Era / First Generation

Late January 2010
- The 20th war finally gets played, and on the one year anniversary (1-27-2010) of the clan, it finally gets promoted to veteran status on mariokartwii.com, which was a big deal in this time. The team starts getting treated more seriously as a result, while no longer being in the same section as many clans that were likely going to fail.
- XLR8's friend Malice (Luke) joins the clan shortly after reaching veteran status and becomes one of the best players in the team, despite playing only few wars. Luke is one of the first long term members down the road, despite not having a major team presence in 2010.

February 2010
- Activity is up, and the team joins friendcodes.com as well.
- Rookie records the clan's first "60" vs Lightning Busterz.
- Blake gets promoted to leader for the help he's done with the team and his fast improvement and dedication.
- Rookie, Seb, and Ryan become very responsible for activity in the clan in this time period.
- Three members get recruited on the 19th, including Ceph, Daisy (from Tigers), and most notably Santos. Santos quickly becomes the most active member on the team as well as one of the strongest, and goes on to become one of the most influential members in the team's history.

March 2010
- Inferno joins the team, but for only a few months before quitting the game.
- Drama between Seb's subclan, Cookie Crushers, and Distorted Flames blatantly war record cheating subclan, Xtreme Distortion, begins. Many HD members played in a lineup where cc defeats XD, including Rookie, Santos, & Seb. Hell is unleashed on the forums and DF's clan is eventually exposed through incorrect calculations and impossible war scores. The subclan dies and the members all apologize. Some members join HD after, like Clam Jr, the XD member responsible for calling out DF for lying. Nikki joins as well after contemplating for a while. To most outsiders, this looks like extremely childish drama. This is likely because that's exactLEE what it was. It was a big deal then though I guess.
- By this time, most members up to this point unfortunately go inactive, including YB6, who pretty much got the clan off the ground.
- Kobora joins on the last day of March and becomes one of the most active members of the entire year.

April 2010
- Bow, a former XD member and friend of Blake, and his brother Pienote, join the team and both end up contributing a lot to the clan, especially Bow. Pavao joins as well, but only plays one or two wars in his time in the team.
- Some time later this month, a member called "Blaze" joins, but leaves for Flow relatively quickly. It later turns out to be an alt of Eirik / Axel, the leader of Asphalt Warriors (aW).
- Blake eventually parts ways with the team at the end of the month, and continues on with [aW]. At some point in April & May, Nikki joins [aW] as well.
- Somewhere between March and May, an online HD forum is made via Aceboards, but is nowhere to be found in present day. It only lasted for a short while and was only for private clan activities like tournaments. mariokartwii.com was still the main communication tool since Xat became no longer functional on Wii internet soon.

May 2010
- GMaster (GJ) joins the team, but only for a short two months before quitting the game.
- Relations with Tiger, the leader of 7GR, the first team HD warred grow kind of stale. He eventually quits on the team, and as a result, long time member LJ8 joins HD.
- JC & Zonic both join and boost clan activity slightly for a while. Both eventually parted ways but kept contact for a while after.
- YB6 more or less retires from the game on May 22nd, 2010.
- A long string of members join all in the final week of May / first day of June, the first being the most significant in KD. KD becomes one of the most iconic HD legends, and pretty much began HD memes. Following him are July, Kokoko, Champ, Richeh, Chris, Divide/SMK, & Tara.
- A new copypasta emerges on the forums via LostChild328 (later known as G8 NOVA). He messages nearly everyone with an invitation to his new clan, ZEO. Nova later becomes the most infamous hacker in MKW history, which made the unironically posted copypasta even better.
- Xat no longer functions on the Wii internet, which is a problem for lots of the team's members. The active posting on the HD thread era begins, powered largely by Santos, KD, Kobora, & Tara.

June 2010
- To begin the month, Eirik invites both Luke & Santos to join [aW]. Luke takes the offer, Santos declines and opts to stay in HD. Bad relations arise between the clans, though Luke & Blake tend to stay out of it. [aW] was more established than us at this moment, but war challenges were still sent out anyway.
- 3 members join in the next week, notably Ph1r3 and Speed Demon. Umbreon also joins. HD gets a big win on [aW] shortly after, and a rivalry takes off with claims of Ph1r3 hacking and Umbreon carrying being reasons why they lost. Ph1r3 has to move shortly after joining, but is back in early July.
- Santos becomes the first person to make a WiFi leaderboard at some point around this time, on DS Yoshi Falls. The track starts to become one the team starts to pick more, and the win rate becomes surprisingly high.
- Dada & FinaL join near the end of the month, Dada becomes part of the active posters on the thread. The thread piles up nearly 20,000 posts alone in this month, and the mod team starts to become very fed up with us over the spam.

July 2010
- Some new members join, including Robin and more notably Paper Luigi. Clan activity skyrockets up during the summer and the month becomes the most active in HD history up to this point, with 30 wars in total. Chris becomes the main Skype contact and is largely for responsible for helping to get so many wars.
- Luke leaves [aW], and comes back temporarily, but becomes a clan hopper for much of the rest of the year.
- KD's kart subclan, Mario Kart X, plays its first war.
- MJKing and his brother lomeckjohnson created Pro Kings, a new clan. Their clan is a dysfunctional mess and they seem to be completely incapable of speaking English correctly despite being 16 year old kids from America. Their thread comes out and they manage to spell their clan name incorrectly. The meme "p0r Kigns caLn" is born.
- HD evens up the score on [aW] at 3-3 with a 376-188 smacking in a 4v4, using Rookie, Santos, Luke, & Champ. Once again, hacks are called after the war, this time on Champ.
- SpEeD DeMoN joins the clan as the 2nd SD, but doesn't stay long enough for there to be any confusion. Revenge joins that day also, and later develops the current website that's been running for over 7 years now (also the one you're on right now). The site contains a chatbox accessible on any device, including the Wii, and the day becomes revolutionary for the team. Revenge also is able to record wars, so he opens up a YouTube channel for the team. With the chatbox, thread activity finally goes down from intense spam to normal activity.
- General, a friend of Rookie, joins the team shortly after the site is created. General was one of the best MKW players in the team for the year, but has inconsistent activity for the most part this year.

August 2010
- Conflict over a war lineup results in another break in the clan on August 2nd. Bow leaves the team and creates his own team called Defiant [D] and Pie, Dada, and FinaL all join. Despite a large chunk of the clan leaving and forming a new clan for the 2nd time, it doesn't hit as hard, and relations are much better than that of TBS back in 2009.
- Despite the conflict, the war vs Flow goes well but ends in a close loss. HD challenges them to a skypeless rematch because we are unable to call, and they accept. A rematch is played, and HD comes out on top by a mere six points, basically because of a bill from Rookie on DDR hitting 2 of them on the line. This marked the best win on the team's resume up to this point.
- One day this month, multiple members including Rookie, Santos, Bow, KD & SD sign up for the new Black Ops forum and decide to troll it for fun. It was probably pretty stupid and cringy in hindsight but it was something notable that happened that we remember. It was pretty gnarly.
- HD signs up for World Clan League on August 18th. Bow & Pie rejoin the team wanting to play, as D slowed down around this time. Jon, a clan friend in D, joins as well.
- HD isn't seeded for Season 7, but is told they'll be in for the season after.

September 2010
- HD ends up getting asked to sub out a team in WCL, so joins WCL S7 a week late in Division 12. We lose our first match in a 4v5 vs Speed Racers, and get eliminated from the World Clan League Cup to Dry Clan in a 4v5 as well.
- Crony & Adultrimo join, though Adultrimo ends up doing nothing whatsoever in his short stay in the clan. Crony is inactive for the most part, but plays a bigger role later in HD's history.
- HD's first league win comes up vs Team Terror in Week 2, a 3v5/4v5 match with a lineup of Rookie, SD, Bow, & Pie GP3. Rookie also gets the first league 60, in GP3.

October 2010
- Nothing too significant happens this month. It becomes the first month since the move to mariokartwii.com that results in no new members, but despite this, the clan finally reaches relative stability again for the future, and a stable WCL starts to form a little bit.
- The first 5v5 league match is played vs Dry Clan, and results in a win.
- The 2nd league loss comes to DR7-2, but one race stays memorable because of a top 3 in a 3v5 for Bow, Chris, & LJ8 due to Bow bluing three on them off on the final gap on MT. There's a gif saved somewhere in the legacy section.
- Speed Racers win the rematch by 16, in the first 5v5 loss we had in a league. A fake meme picture of KD scoring 1 point is created for fun after the war.

November 2010
- Poison joins the team for a short amount of time.
- HD's War Results starts in the War Results section of the site. Archives of it can be seen in the old wars section of this forum.
- HD defeats Koopa Clan, the first D1 clan we've ever beat. This was partially due to XLR8 trolling, which they blocked us afterwards for.
- Cras joins the team, and becomes a long time member.
- The infamous Gw war occurs, where Rookie can't make WCL, and the team loses a 5v4 to the 0-8 team in the bottom division. Legend has it that he's still salty 6 years later.
- HD defeats DR7-2 in a 4v5 Week 10 to keep them from winning the division. Speed Racers wins the division as a result. Major drama occurs on the WCL forums because SD had VR hacks on at the beginning of the match. Because no actual hacking was found in the match, and SD recorded the match, nothing was taken off and the result stood. HD finishes 4th in Division 12, despite having a 6-4 record.
- The phrase "kart onky" becomes a running clan gag from a Rookie typo regarding Mario Kart X wars.
- After a month or two of hanging on the chatbox, Chap joins the team, and becomes a long time member also. Like Cras, both were recruited indirectly by SD, since they were a part of his subclan, 4TX.
- Ph1r3 leaves the team to join a new team called Lockdown, with some of his friends from a subclan called OpTic.

December 2010
- December is a relatively quiet month after the break in WCL. However, Bow finds 100% evidence that Revenge is Eirik, despite major suspicion of this already due to "Blaze" in the past, and other habits that fit his description. He admits up to it, but no hard feelings come out of it since he ended up doing a lot for the team in his time.
- The Chap/Cras meme option popularizes; this is an option of needing one more for the lineup, but not being able to decide on the 5th member. Admittedly, Chap got in on most of these encounters.
- Rookie scores 165 in a war vs Eclipse, which stands as the all time HD record for standard match size scores.
- At the end of the year, Donkey (later known as Marv) joins the team and becomes another long time member. Marv provided many leaderboard records for the team, which was still relatively rare at this point.
- SD gets a PS3, and for the next few months becomes the average Call of Duty fanboy, however still wants to stay in the team. This created the era of "annoying CoD SD" for the next few months.

January 2011
- Skep / Kreed joins the team on the 1st, and memes regarding his many names rise up immediately (he ends up switching his tag at least 10 times).
- For whatever reason, we ran some All Cup Tour tournament consisting of 3 rounds in this period of time. It took a hefty amount of time to run but back in this time all we played was MKW so it worked out. This was the first major in clan tournament ever ran in HD.
- A new league, MKCL, was formed by The Titan as a competitor to WCL. WCL wasn't starting up again any time soon, so we played in the MKCL and were placed in the bottom division.
- In the 2nd week of MKCL, Rookie sets a long lasting HD league record of 139 points in a big win vs Speed Racers, the winners of HD's first WCL division.

Feburary 2011
- Despite the short month, this becomes our most active month yet, having 38 wars played.
- We finish the regular season of MKCL in first place, but lose in the playoff finals to No Surrender by just 16 points.
- Many clans start to dislike us, but we genuinely aren't sure why. We gain a bad reputation overall, and frustrations develop because it begins to feel that the community is biased/unfair against us.
- HD develops a bad relationship with a new team called Quantum, due to tension with one of the leaders, Drope.
- We get seeded in the same division as Quantum 2 in WCL, and Drope continues to taunt the team. We defeat them on Week 2 for our first win of the season.
- Trevor & Winter join the team, and help the team improve rather quickly. Ph1r3 rejoins at the end of the month after Lockdown dies, and with new and returning talent, the clan starts to look like it's on the upswing again.

March 2011
- Marv sets HD's First World Record, on the Chain Chomp Wheel competition.
- HD beats Quantum 2 badly in the WCL rematch, and Pie 60's GP3. Quantum as a whole ended up disbanding after the loss.
- After another strong start to a month, things collapse. Heated arguments between Santos & Demon break out and the clan doesn't know how to handle it. Things get worse, and Rookie discusses ending the clan due to even more conflicts that break out.
- The clan dies, but is brought back two days later after further consideration. Chris volunteers to run the clan with Rookie, as Rookie's motivation went down a little, however many members don't rejoin, including Santos, Marv, and more. Some members joined other teams, like Ph1r3 going to Team Meteor.
- Clan friend TK64 helps HD finish the WCL season due to inconsistency in lineups.
- Chris recruits Hawk, who is currently alting as a different name at the time.

April 2011
- Chris recruits Raven / Falaflame. Many start to notice more hostility, and Chris starts forcing people to call in wars, which was never a HD custom. Rookie couldn't call, but he allowed him to just try to front run for the team since he was the strongest runner on the team at the time.
- Though initially members started to come back, Chris treats them like traitors and attempts to make the clan go on without them. This was especially notable in the case of San. Nearly all hostility came with Rookie offline, however.
- HD finishes 2nd in Division 9 for WCL Season 8.
- Chap unexpectedly leaves the clan for Team Meteor. He complains heavily about Chris.
- Rookie finally starts using skype more due to more computer accessibility, and starts hearing complaints about other teams being all focused on Chris.
- Rookie modifies San's site account one day and logs on the chat under San's name and gets immediately flamed by Chris and told to leave. With this and the stuff he was told by other community leaders, Rookie decides to revoke Chris's clan leadership, and kicks him. Chris threatens the team and says it can't live without him, leaving the now infamous line "have fun with your dead clan."
- MKC starts up again, and some members agree to play matches but don't come on the chat for anything else. The team plays in Division 3, and is a little outmatched. Santos doesn't rejoin but plays league matches when needed and decides to visit the chat more often again.
- Zexy joins the team, and helps bring activity up a little.

May 2011
- Tyrone, Edge, and Cane all join early in May. For the next WCL season, we decide to try 2 teams; this was a major mistake in retrospect, because the 2nd team members all turned out to be relatively unreliable, with the exception of Demon, who carried the team a little.
- Zexy recruits Loftyz, and the team now has a few members from the Australian timezones, including Winter as well for activity in their timezone.
- HD challenges All Stars to a war, and lose by a single point. This would've been without a doubt the biggest win in clan history up to this point.
- HD finishes 5th out of 8 in MKCL Season 2, just missing the playoffs. Rookie MVPs the division, though this isn't known until years later when the final table was recovered.
- Since so many members from early March had moved on to other teams now but were still around, Rookie decides to make the decision to change the clan to a community on May 28th, 2011. After the WCL season the clan takes a league hiatus, and invites all clan friends to the community. TK64 joins as a result, eventually followed by a lot more as summer progresses.
- This decision started a new era in the team's history, that has continued all the way to the present. Instead of being solely focused as a clan, HD decided to focus on being a gaming community above all else, but still would go on to do many clan activities in the future. The ideology that led to this decision was simply that the team had developed into a group of friends over anything, and we didn't really want a clan to be the only way to define us as a group. The idea of becoming a community above all else cemented HD's stability as a group, and marked a moment in time where we realized that we didn't need MKW anymore to stick together.

June 2011
- Despite being a community, WCL becomes a lot more organized half way through the season. Up to this point, unregistered players were used almost frequently, just to get 4 people in the lineup, and things were just a mess. Zero, a former Dx member volunteers to transfer to HD2 because he wants to prevent Dx from winning the division as a result of stuff that happened in the team. D-Generation X was Distorted Flames' newest clan, and like the former ones, it was filled with drama. Ph1r3 also decides to pass on playing for Team Meteor in WCL because HD2 was in greater need. With these changes, HD2 becomes stable for the second half of the season.
- Tensions with Dx grow massively to the point of pure hatred. Distorted Flames said some nasty things about HD, we hated them back, Zero even confirmed that he had asked a member if he could hack in matches, etc. Rookie transfers over Week 9 when HD1 is in good hands to play out the rest of the season.

July 2011
- HD1 finishes 3rd in Division 8 for Season 9.
- HD2 defeats Dx in Week 10, and penalty discussion comes up everywhere. Ironically, the bottom division (Div 11) had the most drama at the end of the season. The division win was awarded to Dx, though in honesty, both teams should've been removed from the league for extensive rulebreaking and disrespect to the game at large, looking back.
- After the season, Rookie joins Team Meteor, followed by Santos, Bow, Pie, KD, and Demon.
- Zero wants to stay after the season, and joins the HD community for a few years to come.
- KD quits Meteor rather quickly due to conflict with Eirik, and joins Clan Volo. HD & CV become friendly rivals for a year or so.
- Most of the HD core plays WCL Season 10 with Meteor 9001. We get 2nd in Division 8, and lots of the losses were likely a result of being forced to use random members who wanted to play in Meteor but weren't in one of the other teams.
- Despite community status, we end up playing more together than we did with Team Meteor in this time period. Meteor was extremely large at this point anyway, and it was hardly noticeable, as we weren't really utilized a ton to begin with.

August 2011
- TK's friends YK64, Nathan, and KyleW all join the community.
- Rookie finally gets a personal laptop, however this doesn't switch the clan over to Skype. The chatbox is still preferred.

September 2011
- Clam Jr. comes back after a hiatus and eventually gets kicked due to bad behavior. He makes a clan to challenge us, but it doesn't really succeed.

October 2011
- Like last October, this was a boring month. This was the first month post mkw.com era where I don't have really anything to talk about. In these periods, really just no new members joined, wars happened, and everything was chill despite nothing notable happening. If anything, the month helped bond the community more than ever before. Discussion about the new MK game on the 3DS start to come up.

November 2011
- HD decides to come back as a clan for Mario Kart 7, and clan friend MariOz joins the team wanting to play the game. MKW activity goes up in the last month before the game releases.
- Coming off a second division win in a row, this time in Division 7 for Season 10, Distorted Flames got really arrogant and shits on us for no reason, claiming that not even our first level team could beat them now. We challenge them to a no johns match to prove themselves, plan best lus, no dodging, etc. Both teams follow through and play possibly the largest rivalry match in the clan's history. Though we were both mid level teams at this point, and that it wasn't really high level MKW, the match was for a lot of pride. We got off to a great start in GP1, then DF responded GP2 by bagging, which was despite him saying they didn't need to call or bag to win, and they got top 4 in the 2nd GP. Down 4 going into the last GP, Bow went back to suicide bag vs DF, the first time we'd done this seriously since the MKCL Championship match nearly ten months earlier. This time, Bow won the bagger duel, and Rookie, San, KD, Bow, & Pie took a 370-362 win in the last and most heated match between the two teams ever. This may possibly be the most significant war in HD history, because the rivalry wasn't a friendly one, it was close unlike the first one with TBS, and we prevailed in the final moments.
- Rookie finally downloads custom tracks, and for the remaining weeks before MK7's launch, the team played lots of CT rooms, and some wars. At this point we were desperate for something new, and CTs fit the bill for a month. This continued on after the month, though declined a bit due to MK7.
- At the beginning of WCL Season 11, we decide to re-enter the league with many of the core HD members who could play Sundays. We get placed in Division 6. At this point, we planned to play MKW and MK7 together, and most members who planned to stay in the community were back in HD, and for good at this point onward.

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PostSubject: Re: Team History   Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:06 pm

The MK7 Era / 2nd Generation

December 2011
- MK7 comes out and becomes rather popular quickly with the members. The first war on MK7 was a loss to wZ in a 3v3 with Rookie, MariOz, & Zexy.
- HD breaks not only 500 for the first time, but 600 points in a 6v6 war against Resentful Racers.
- More members get MK7 at Christmas, including Santos & Bow. Marv quickly establishes himself as one of the best players at the game. Crony additionally buys the game and rejoins the clan. Marv likes the game so much that he comes to a realization that he just doesn't like MKW anymore. It puts us in an awkward spot in WCL where we end up 4v5ing half our matches, using Rookie, Santos, Bow & Pie.
- HD signs up for the Prime League, the new MK7 league.

January 2012
- HD wins their first PL match, against Flow.
- After a long hiatus, General joins the team again, and helps the team in WCL by securing 2 wins to end WCL S11 as our 5th member.
- Brian & Savage join the clan together at the end of the month to help make our MK7 squad more active. In their first war, along with Rookie & San, the team defeated Fatal Aces, a clan that was the undisputed best in the world at the time.
- Tension grows with some members, notably KD, because it felt to some that we were neglecting MKW in favor of MK7. Things stayed in favor of MK7, though MKW wasn't thrown completely out of the window.

February 2012
- Season 11 ends for WCL. We place 3rd in the division, but the division MVP is caught alting. With penalties factored in, it's concluded that we are the division champions, but after Liquid talked to Bash for presumably 5+ hours, the win was still awarded to Oracles at the end of the day.
- Catz temporarily joins the team, but leaves relatively soon after.

March 2012
- HD wins Division D of the Prime League in Season 1, being the first time we win a banner for any game. The only loss of the season came to FA2 on Week 3. Marv MVPs the division with an average of 31.1, and that record wasn't beaten in the entire history of the Prime League.
- HD gets seeded in Division 5 for WCL Season 12. Zero joins the team once again to play, and almost the entire season consists of the lineup: Rookie, Santos, Bow, Pie, & Zero. We dominate WEC on Week 1, which turns out to be the most important match of the season.
- Vito joins the team, but doesn't play any wars in the end.
- HD starts off the WCL Season very strong. The team went 11-0 for MKW during this month, the first time we went a month without losing a MKW war. This was largely due to a 5-0 start in WCL, and a run in the Gold World Clan League Cup bracket that took us to the Winners Finals, after the stupidest win in HD history happened against Charged Brigade 2 in the Winners Semis. This war saw the squad go down nearly 30 in the first 3 races, and we concluded that we were out matched, and decided to spam luck tracks. For some reason this worked even as a skypeless team, and we got 8 out of 9 picks to finish the war and take a 40 point win at the end of the day. A new war strat becomes official under the name of "The cB2," which is essentially means to pick any and every luck track imaginable.

April 2012
- HD gets 3rd Place in the WCLC Gold Bracket, but also wins their first WCL division title with a 9-1 record. The sole loss was vs WEC, Week 6. World Clan League announces that Season 13 will not be happening and the league is stopping due to too many subtle hackers, and it's believed that a lot of the staff wanted to move on as well. The community at large decided that they still wanted to continue running tournaments, so ideas are tossed around on forming a replacement league.
- PL Season 2 begins, using a non divisional format for the first time.

May 2012
- Torn joins the clan, and stays for the summer mainly as a new player in the MKW side of things. Trevor also rejoins the team after being gone for a year, and primarily plays MK7 with us. Brian is eventually removed from the clan due to inactivity on MK7, and focusing on starting a new team on MKW.
- Crony recruits Ito to the team, who becomes a huge impact on the MK7 team at large. In his first war, he nearly 40'd the best team in FA on his first GP - however, a d/c after race 3 ended up costing this potential outcome.

June 2012
- The team begins to establish itself as a top MK7 team, by placing 5th overall out of 24 total in PL Season 2.
- Santos gets his first world record on Rosalina's Ice World. Later he would get another, also on Rock Rock Mountain.
- Calico, a long time friend of the team, finally joins after his first team, Nitro Riders, dies. One of the other members of Nitro Riders, Skyleon, joins as well, but doesn't stay active on the game for much longer.
- International League is created as a replacement to World Clan League. HD decides to sign up, and gets placed in Division 2's Fireball Conference for the "Preseason".
- The first HD Major Inner Clan War is played, and comes down to the last race after 9 GPs across multiple platforms. Among MKW, MKW CTs, and MK7 (with a score multiplier), the point gap was only 10 points in the end. This would start a yearly tradition due to the success of the event.
- HD does its first war call with a bunch of the members of the "OG Era." A war is won vs rival CV, on a 4 person dodge on DK's Jungle Parkway. The final score was a 371-361 victory for Rookie, Santos, Bow, Luke, & Ph1r3. The only races that we were ahead on was after race 6, and race 12. Eventually, this gets voted war of the year in HD's first awards hosted in 2012. Despite skype calling being fun, it doesn't take off and is only used occasionally. The site chatbox is still used over Skype, a lot of it having to do with custom smileys and accessibility still.

July 2012
- PL Season 3 begins, and HD gets seeded in D1. Once again, HD2 is attempted, this time with members reassuring that the squad will be good. HD2 consisted of Torn, Trevor, Savage, and more this season. However, Week 1 shortages happened, and Rookie tried to play undercover for the 2nd team, and was caught and banned for the length of the season. HD1 had to drop from PL, and World's Strongest replaced them. HD2 finished out the season in Division 3, with Ito and Crony helping the team finish matches. After the season, Savage & Torn stopped playing the game, and Trevor only came around momentarily still.
- Though HD played most IL matches, the preseason ended up failing and ended prematurely. The staff restructured with the intent of starting a Season 2 with the normal WCL format.

August 2012
- HD was placed in Division 3 for IL Season 2, with a similar lineup to the last WCL season, minus Zero.
- Calico got Moto added to the team. A few days later, Zap was added to the team, and soon made a relatively big impact on the HD community.
- HD won their 500th overall clan war vs Eclipse some time this month, 389-343.

September 2012
- Sorapol joins the clan, for a few months on mainly MK7.
- A new glitch is discovered on Maple Treeway, and SD learns how to do it consistently. It leads into SD finally getting the motivation to get better at his long time favorite track MT, and led to multiple WRs down the road on the track.
- HD2 finishes 2nd in Division 3 of PL.
- HD gets beat down in Division 3 of IL, and finishes 6th with only 1 win thanks to old friend Blake accidentally repicking a track late in the war.

October 2012
- Ito gets his first world record, on Toad Circuit.
- Despite the Season 3 banning, Rookie is asked to take over The Prime League due to no more current admin motivation and accepts.

November 2012
- Zap recruits both Lee & Nicola, who both make a longtime impact on the team.
- Umbre joins a week later, and with all the new additions, HD suddenly gains some of the best potential in the MK7 community.
- IL Season 3 and PL Season 4 begin the same weekend. HD is placed in Division 5 and 2, respectively.

December 2012
- For the first time, the HD Awards become a yearly thing.
- Trevor ends up playing IL with the team, but leaves again after a frustrating loss at the half way mark of the season caused by a misplay on the final race.

January 2013
- HD goes on a win streak and wins IL Division 5 with a strong 2nd half. We place 3rd in Division B of PL, but gets promoted to Division A regardless.
- Davide joins the team, though he only wars a few times.
- HD decides to pass up competitive MKW leagues in favor of just playing normal wars and focusing on MK7 for the future. The team withdraws from IL.

February 2013
- Wosie joins the clan temporarily.
- Season 5 of PL begins, which is the first full season the team played in any Division 1. The main lineup consisted of Marv/Crony, Nicola, Ito & Rookie and the team enjoyed good results this season.

March 2013
- HD does better than expected in March, and after an 0-2 start, goes on a 3 game win streak ending with an upset on the defending champions, Champi Brothers. Half way through the season, the team is leading Division A.
- FF joins HD on the last day of the month, another player who ultimately does a lot with the team.

April 2013
- HD finishes 2nd in Season 5 of PL, and with it pretty much secures any preseason doubts that we could compete in the highest division after a mediocre prior season. The team becomes a Division A staple for the rest of PL's history.

May 2013
- A plethora of members join on the 4th, including Alucard, ZC, and notably Shawn. Ray joins the team a few days later as well, but leaves shortly after.
- PL Season 6 begins, staying in Division A. Marv wants to sit the season out, and Ito gets his 3DS taken away from him this season, making it a rough season in the top division.

June 2013
- Kinder joins the team, but only very momentarily.
- The ICW returns a year later and establishes itself as a yearly event.
- The clan makes plans to become a Mario Kart 8 clan from the launch onwards.

July 2013
- Everyone signs up on MKBoards, as the clan decides to prioritize it to mariokartwii.com due to frustrations with the site direction and the staff.
- James joins HD for a small amount of time as well.
- HD finishes considerably worse in Season 6, only grabbing 5th place. On the other hand, the team finishes 3rd in the Prime League Cup that ran during the season as well, losing in the semifinal to Mushroom Road by 2, who became the eventual champions. The season was a little bit of a struggle with the loss of Marv/Ito, but despite the poor results we were still seeded to play in Division 1 the season after, and Ito was able to return for it as well.

August 2013
- Crony reclaims Rock Rock Mountain world record for the team, and holds it for a while, though he was removed from the clan a little into 2014 for behavioral issues.
- Rookie, KD, & SD build a MKW mod for retro track CTs named HD's Retro Pack.
- The First HD Smiley Competition Begins.

September 2013
- Ito becomes the MK7PP champion, the first time a member of the team held a PP crown.
- Ruka joins the clan, and becomes yet another long lasting member.
- HD2 is toggled with again due to a lot of members, and Shawn is willing to run the second squad. The idea passes, and the third time indeed was the charm.
- HD & HD2 confirm for PL Season 7, and play in the top 2 divisions respectably.

October 2013
- Pokemon X/Y become the first games to put the main focus of the team temporarily on a non-MK game. A lot of this is credited to the game's multi battle feature, which became an active HD event for the rest of the year. Ph1r3 manages to breed the entire OU tier on Showdown, and maxed the game time out easily. To this day, it's not known just how much he ended up playing.
- Rayze joins the team midway through Season 7 to help bring more stability to HD's first PL team. He would stay for a few months overall.
- Nicola's emote defeats Shawn's in the final matches of the 2013 Smiley Competition.

November 2013
- KD creates a new MKWii clan called Team Rocket, even though he doesn't play the Pokemon games. So one day we challenged them to a 5v5 under the alias of Team Flare, the recent X/Y enemies. This resulted in one of the biggest meme wars in team history, and it resulted in some masterful Bow artwork. The war unanimously was decided to be the 2013 war of the year.
- HD finishes 2nd in Division A of PL once again, while HD2 takes the Division B title and gets promoted to Division A. This was the first time HD2 was ever a successful project.

December 2013
- PL Season 8 begins with 2 HD teams in Division A. Catz & Casey B ask to ally, and are allowed for the season.
- HD Awards v2 goes up, and features the most questions we've ever had on the form due to the endless amount of running gags and FF chatbox failures we received during the course of the year.
- The first multi game tournament is ran to cap off the year, including MKW, MK7, & Pokemon X/Y. Pokemon became a little stale afterwards though, and by the time Pokebank came out the activity was just dead.

January 2014
- Ray rejoins HD on the first day of the year, and spends a few months into MK8 with the team.
- Nicola gets promoted to team leader, to add another one besides just Rookie.

February 2014
- Marc joins HD for a short amount of time.
- HD nearly takes the PL title, but comes up short Week 10. HD2 enjoys success at the end and wins their last 2 matches after an 0-8 start. Rayze leaves the clan immediately after and Catz & Casey attempt to revive nS to win the final season coming up later.
- Rookie, Santos, & Calico top 3 on the greatest race 12 in MK history on KD's Team Rocket. Calico scored 10 points the whole war, 6 on race 12, due to trusty ol' Luig. HD takes the war, 213-207.
- Nintendo announces that NWFC servers were to be shut down in May for good. As a result, MKW activity increases again and HD announces that for the first time in 3 years that it would run as a MKW Clan again. HD signs up for the last season of IL (Season 8) and gets seeded in Division 4. The old MKW veterans all rejoined, even some leaving their current teams, such as KD & Luke.

March 2014
- IL Season 8 begins
- PL Season 9 is announced as the last season before MK8 comes out, with a different 6 week format. HD & HD2 merge to one team again, but HD 9001 is created, a reference to the Meteor 9001 season back in Season 10 of the World Clan League. This team consisted of only members from 2010 + Calico and competed in the bottom division that season while HD stayed in the top to chase a title.

April 2014
- HD defeats one of the top teams in IL's Division 1 in a rYF territory war, with the classic no Skype set up. rYF was lost to Trusted Alliance the next day, however.
- Okami joins the team, though ends up not getting to play much at all due to no plans to play MK8 and the 7 team ceasing activities soon after.
- War results start getting posted on the site again, now in section called Old Wars That Are Slightly More Recent. Other random wars have been posted by Bow and others.
- HD finishes 2nd in PL once again, and HD9k1 finishes 3rd. MK8 preparations are made, but MKW also remains the focus for the last month the game is alive.
- After PL ends, Diogo decides to join the clan officially after a long time knowing us all. The clan decides they have lots of members now, and ends up not recruiting for the rest of the year as well.

May 2014
- Final MKW activities were planned for the month, including the first segment of the 3rd ICW early, to be finished with MK7 & MK8 later in June.
- HD finishes 4th in Division 4, and makes the division playoffs for whatever reason even though six teams were in the division. We lose the semi final match to the team that should've won the division but then went on to lose the final, so they lost even with the best record in the division.
- Final wars are planned to be played, but one with a major comeback on Laquisha's Thugs GP3 sealed the deal for one of the greatest wars we had played in, so after the war we decided to end the MKW era on that war. It was later picked as the 2014 War of the Year.

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The MK8 Era / 3rd Generation

May 2014 (continuted)
- MK8 comes out and activity hits all time highs. We lose our first war to Alliance Rainbow by over 200 points, mainly because they had the game all week though and it was our first day with it.
- More detailed / accurate war records are tracked starting fresh with MK8's release, starting in the Current War Results section here.

June 2014
- Many world records get set initially on MK8, by Marv, Ito, Demon, and Zap. Unfortunately, Ito is unable to play the game after it's taken away from parents. Marv stops playing rather quickly as well, though he does manage to become the first PP champion for the game.
- Wars are still active this month. Demon emerges as the best player on the team, however others still step up as well. In one war against one of the highest seeded teams for the upcoming MK8 league, Infected with Skill, FF nearly scores a perfect war, taking 10 races to finally lose one.

July 2014
- HD enters MKU, the new MK8 league. The team is seeded in Division 3 for the Preseason.
- In a friendly war, Ruka scores 152 in a 6v6 vs Black & White. This is the highest score in any standard size war for HD since Rookie's 165 vs Eclipse back in 2011.

August 2014
- After having the game for roughly a month, Diogo sets his first of many world records in the game.
- HD finishes the preseason with a 5-0 record, but still 2nd to No Surrender, who we never played head to head.

September 2014
- HD votes DS Airship Fortress as the best track in MK history in what started Rookie's obsession with team polls.
- HD plays Season 1 of MKU in Division 2.

October 2014
- Smash 4 comes out on the 3DS, and takes quite a lot of the remaining MK8 activity away. Regardless, the clan still is able to get enough for MKU every week.
- Diogo becomes the PP champion, and starts a long reign as the King of MK8 - and it's not even close. Additionally, he held the title of MK7 champion at the same time, being the first person to ever be the PP champion of 2 different MK games.

November 2014
- HD finishes 2nd in Division 2 of MKU for Season 1, thanks to a playoff win vs Alliance Rainbow, 538-446. Demon scored 142 points in this match, the highest in HD league history up to this point, assuming Marv's MK7 scores aren't used with a multiplier. This breaks Rookie's former record of 139 vs Speed Racers in MKCL Season 1.
- Chap's avatar wins smiley of the year. In an extra poll vs Nicola's, the former champion emote, Nicola triumphs once again.
- Smash 4 on Wii U releases, and this hurts MK8 activity quite a lot. Smash becomes very popular in the clan, and becomes one of the prime games the team plays. Demon goes inactive on MK8, largely due to Smash's release. Zap starts getting consistent internet issues with his university and has to eventually stop playing online because of how bad it gets, until he goes home during the summer. Ito, getting his Wii U back recently, picks up the game and doesn't return to playing MK8 actively, and eventually becomes a top player for the game, pioneering Meta Knight's meta in Smash 4 almost entirely on his own. A point in time occurs where the character is considered top 5 in the game, a lot due to strats that Ito himself discovered, until an eventual nerf was given to him.

December 2014
- HD is seeded 6th for the first MKU Swiss Tournament, a format change, and a break from league format. Unfortunately for the MK8 clan, there starts to become struggles to get six people to play every week, so the clan considers recruiting a little bit. As a result, MystiK joins as a trialer. The clan had not had any recruits in recent times, and as a result the era of long trials begin to see who would fit in with the clan. The trials often took a few months and it became a joke that Rookie simply forgot about how long trials were supposed to last.
- Awards continue for a 3rd year, and the end of year tournament becomes a combined MK8 & Smash 4 event.

January 2015
- MystiK gets accepted as a member of the team.
- A wave of applications come in for HD, most coming from the recently ended team, Immortal Stars, a team MystiK had been in. It's decided that two people will be picked up to help MK8 activity. Ferg and SuperFX are given a trial.
- The team manages to finishes the tournament with a 3-3 record and gets 15th, but still finishes way lower than the initial seeding of 6th.
- MKU League Season 2 gets beginning shortly after, and due to poor tournament performance, HD gets placed in Division 3.

February 2015
- Season 2 goes well without many vacancies for the team to begin due to recent recruits. Ruka enjoys a breakout season, and become's the teams new "carry", not counting Diogo of course, since he only could play on occasion and was just unfair competition.
- Mence (Belgian), a friend of Diogo's, trials for the team for MK7. Prime League grows enough interest and starts up again for a 10th season, and HD plays in Division A vs former rivals Charged Brigade, Wii Elite Clan, & Melee X in the 6 week format used in Season 9.
- The first match of PL ended in a raw tie, but HD lost the match due to an accidental repick of Airship Fortress by Rookie.

March 2015
- After a 1-1 start in PL, one of the most intense matches in HD's MK7 history gets played with Charged Brigade. After being even much of the war, a bad loss on a race 10 RR puts the team over 15 points down. FF randomly picks MC, and it gets picked. In one of the most well played races of the game, FF manages to hold the shock for the team and manages a top 3 spot in the end after it, to come back 13 points in the race. A small win on CCL to follow gave the team the comeback win, 236-232.
- The very next week, a similar comeback happens vs Melee X. Me starts off strong GP1 with a 22 point lead. In Diogo's first and only PL match with HD, he randomly picks Wario + Pipe Frame + Slicks GP2 - the well known MK8 combo. Somehow he pulls a 32 in the GP, and leads the team to a massive GP3 comeback through MK8 power.
- Mence, Ferg, & SuperFX get accepted to the team as members.
- With another win vs cB, HD wins Prime League Season 10, going 5-1 to end on a 5 game win streak. Mence goes inactive almost permanently after the season, despite winning the league MVP for the team and helping win the title.

April 2015
- MKU Season 2 finishes, and once again, HD finishes 2nd in their division.
- Midway through the month, 4 members begin to trial. Bastien joins to play MK7 with the team, while Blade, Boss, & Butter join for MK8. Bastien also picks up MK8 to help with activity there.
- MKU Season 3 begins very shortly after the second season ends. This time, HD gets placed in Division 2. This season was one that the clan suffered a little during as the final group of members from the beginning of the game started to quit playing. FF preferred to stop playing at this point unless he was needed to play as well.

May 2015
- Ruka decides to give a notice that he plans to leave the clan, stating it just didn't feel the same any more, likely due to the lack of older players playing still. He plays one last war, and FF joins once again to play along with Rookie & Nicola. The team wins their first match of the season with Ruka, then he transfers over to Mp.
- The team gets a 2nd win the week after, but would gain no more. Nicola states that he has gotten to a point where he no longer has any enjoyment playing, and sells the game because he doesn't want to force himself to continue.
- On the 18th, the clan ceases clan operations due to overall lack of long time members left in the team and goes back to being a full time gaming community, similarly to what happened with the team 4 years earlier. All the trialers are invited to the clan to stay. Of all the recruits in the MK8 era, only SuperFX & Blade continue to join the chat frequently after. Ferg stayed on the chat occasionally as well, though was kicked due to an outside event that led to a ban on MKBoards. The clan becomes more inactive, but the core members still stick together. Rookie joins Mp as well, Ferg revives Star Clan, and most of the others don't bother seeking out new teams.
- HD opens up a Splatoon squad, though limits to the game on launch limits activity to just playing turf war matches.

June 2015
- The community finishes out the season with whoever they can get in their lineups, but is unable to pull out another win and finishes in last with a 2-8 record.
- The ICW comes back for a 4th year, but is rather unnotable in terms of results.
- Season 11 begins for Prime League, and functions as one large division. HD continues to play since no other members really care to join another MK7 team regardless.
- The HD Hall of Fame, or commonly referred to as "The Hall" is created. The initial requirement to be eligible is 2 years in the clan at minimum with a significant impact on the clan. However, this requirement was shortly bumped up to 3 years.

July 2015
- After a 0-2 start, HD finishes the season 5-0 to obtain yet another 2nd place finish in PL, bringing the runner up total up to 4, for 4 consecutive odd numbered seasons. Season 11 would be the last season for the league.

August 2015
- Friend rooms get added to Splatoon, and the team plays some matches. It's short lived, but we get a few wins. We never end up entering a tournament, however.
- This becomes one of the first periods of time where MK leagues are going on, but HD isn't playing any in quite some time. However, one war that was played this war was particularly fun, against an Aerilate team that recently came off a Division 2 MKU title. Though their lineup likely wasn't that strong, the team managed to beat them with an inactive Luke, Ito, and ....KD the MK8 hater. Luke scored bigptsmkw for the first time in MK8, and broke 100 in the war. This became war of the year for 2015.

September 2015
- Nothing of too much interest happens this month, though Luke does try to continue convincing Rookie to start the team up to play MKU again. This doesn't happen for Season 4.
- Nicola buys the game again, though says he has no interest on playing the game competitively again, but just for fun with friends.
- Meta Knight is voted coolest character in Smash 4 by the members in a new group of polls, likely due to heavy bias as he's Ito's main.

October 2015
- On the last day of the month, HD revives the clan section for MK8, though assumes it won't be as strong as it used to be. Members who decide to join the clan portion include mainly Rookie, Zap, Luke, Bastien & SuperFX, but San, Ito, FF, & KD all help the team get 6 for matches initially.
- The team parts ways with General, after a bit of conflict in Splatoon unrelated to the rest of the clan, instigating behavioral issues. He leaves and pursues Splatoon for at least the near future.
- 3DS Neo Bowser City is voted MK8's best DLC track by the members.

November 2015
- Long time clan friend Saik joins the team, but doesn't play enough to become active. Hunter also begins a trial later in the month.
- HD tries their luck in a clan tournament called Burnout. Despite a 2-1 record, due to a team dropping they ended up losing a tie breaker between ARC & sG who also had 2-1 records, and drowned in pools despite this winning record.
- HD enters the 3rd Swiss tournament for MK8. The team gets seeded 9th after a decent performance in Burnout, and was thought to be as strong as it formerly was earlier in the year. This was not the case, and many vacancies led to a 0-3 start, losing to 3 teams seeded lower than them.
"dafuqnigga" wins the 3rd HD smiley competition. It's decided that we'd do no more poll brackets as the team burned out on them by this point.
- Kyle gets his first World Record with the team on Animal Crossing; this soon extends to many other tracks, and eventually he becomes the 2nd most dominant TT'er in HD's history behind Diogo, which is once again pretty unfair to even go up against.

December 2015
- The end of the tournament goes better and the team finishes 2-3 after 2 big wins, but it's not enough to catch up a lot in the rankings. The team finishes 22nd out of 28, when originally projected top 10.
- The end of year tournament runs again, this time adding Splatoon & MK7 to the roster. Ito wins it for the 3rd year in a row.

January 2016
- Hunter is accepted to the team as a member, and Dugo trials for the team in search of a team he can play for more.
- Season 5 of MKU begins, and HD gets placed in Division 3. The team develops a fondness of GCN Baby Park this season, and wins the majority of MKU races on it.

February 2016
- Dugo is accepted as a member on the first of the month.
- FF sets his first MK world record on DS Luigi's Mansion, after years of being a consistent top TT'er of the game but never quite getting a WR.

March 2016
- The team finishes 2nd in the division and develops a rivalry with the team who wins the division, Serene Grace, later known as Synchronize. The two teams would play the following 3 seasons in the same division as each other, and go 4-4 over the four total seasons.
- After the season, Mp ends up ending its clan activities. As a result, Jamie & Vector join the team. Blaze decides to leave sG at the end of Season 5, and begins a trial for HD.
- HD finishes 5th in a MKU Circuit tournament called Meltdown.

April 2016
- HD finishes 9th in a MKU Circuit tournament called Slipdrift.
- Raggy decides to join the team to be in a group with a few friends, though he doesn't actively play very much. He only stays momentarily.
- The team decides to move entirely away from the site Chatbox, in favor of Discord. The Chatbox remains a crucial and nostalgic part of our team's history, because we used it for nearly 6 full years every single day, but also because it was a necessary part in helping our team grow. While we have many chats on discord, none will ever be The Chatbox.
- Season 6 of MKU starts, and HD gets promoted to D2. In the first match of the season, HD pulls off what was probably the biggest upset of the year in MKU Week 1. In a nail biter match ending on a race 12 MKS thriller, we defeat Reunion, who was predicted by nearly everyone to win the division without dropping a match, many arguing they should've been placed in Division 1. Rookie's stream got roughly 100 viewers for this match about half way through. This war went on to win war of the year.
- Blaze is accepted as an official member on the final day of the month.

May 2016
- The team starts off 3-0, but is unable to keep it up for the rest of the season. Many wars we were outplayed, some we got some pretty bad luck. But finally the team was in a state where they didn't have to worry about getting 6 to play every week again.

June 2016
- The 5th annual ICW is played, and in raw score becomes the closest one ever (8 point margin), even over the first one (10). However, Luke's repick at the very end resulted in a 20 point swing to give the other team the win, and resulted in the record not being broken as it now was a 12 point margin. TLDR - Shoutout to Luke for being a moron :thumb:
- Ice & Nato are invited to trial for the clan because of upcoming vacancies in MKU matches. They both do, but decide to leave after the season since it turned out they were planning to build a new team anyway.
- Despite a 6 game losing streak, HD finishes the season 4-6 and takes 4th overall in the division.
- Overwatch becomes a new very popular game among HD members.

July 2016
- Jay, Darren, & Domenico join as trialers. The increase in members creates great stability for the clan for the first time since 2014.
- HD finishes 9th in a MKU Circuit tournament called Clash.
- The first official edition of the HD Smash 4 Power Rankings is released.

September 2016
- Darren & Domenico get accepted as members.
- HD finishes 5th in a MKU Circuit tournament called Velocity.
- Season 7 begins, and HD plays in Division 2 again.

October 2016
- Jamie sets a new HD league record in points scored, dropping 150 points in a match vs Hyrule Clan won handily by the team.
- Smash 4 activity continues to increase to the point where HD is able to start hosting its own monthly tournament series, in a new server.

November 2016
- Town of Salem becomes extremely popular game for HD, notably between Rookie, Bow, & San.
- Season 7 ends, and HD finishes 2nd in Division 2 with a 7-3 record.

December 2016
- HD ends up finishing 5th in the Team Circuit finale for the year of 2016.
- Rookie ends Ito's streak of end of year tournament wins, however it was also partially due to Ito not signing up to begin with this year. The games this year consisted of MK8, Smash 4, and a newcomer in Town of Salem.
- A final smiley competition begins. Though polls were discontinued, it is done this one last time because there needed to be a fair way to choose which Chatbox emotes to import to the Discord server. The competition would take about a month to do.

January 2017
- Santos gets promoted to clan leader, joining Rookie & Nicola.
- Bryce & Soldier trial for the team, and get accepted as members later that month.
- HD gets placed in Division 1 for the first time as a MK8 team in Season 8 of MKU.
- "Amy" wins the Final Smiley competition. Why this happened / won is something that can simply not be explained to those who aren't members, so sorry if you are an outsider peeking in and reading this.

Feburary 2017
- The month has no major events, however late night Town of Salem becomes an almost nightly activity. The MK8 team steadily improves, and almost takes a few games on top ranked opponents, but comes up just short each time.

March 2017
- HD finishes 4th place in Division 1 of MKU, with a 5-5 record, and a positive differential.
- The Smash Discord notably takes off and hosts its largest event yet, pulling 40 entrants and noticeably increasing the size of the server to numbers of over 70.

April 2017
- HD finishes 3rd in the MKU Cup. Though eliminated by xi, HD becomes the first team since xi's creation to take a game off one of the top 3 teams in the community (svc, xi, FA) in MKU after 2 matches that fell short in the season before. Like the RU war the year before, this becomes the largest upset of MKU for the entire year in normal MK8.
- With MK8 Deluxe around the corner, the clan isn't sure about the initial future, but Rom & Dunx ask to join and are accepted as members; the team currently looks to continue its future on MK with MK8D's release coming up. Shortly after, Articuno and Betoman become accepted members as well.

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The Deluxe Era / 4th Generation

May 2017
- Town of Salem becomes too frustrating to consider continuing playing at this point in time. Golf with your Friends takes over the random multiplayer game slot for the majority of the team.
- Initial activity for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is slow, but in a span of two days, the team recruits Zebe, Riku, Cynda, Vantox, & Suberita. Rookie finally gets the game and finishes school for the year, and San also decides to change his mind into buying the game, and the team takes off to the highest activity levels it had seen since 2014.
- The spike in activity unofficially gets named "The Rom Era" due to the massive spike of members all joining, following after Rom.
- The first Deluxe MKU season is a swiss tournament, and the team is seeded as a top 4 team in the initial seeding, but we get upset in our first match for the season.

June 2017
- Articuno, Riku, and Suberita part ways with the team due to limited activity with the game.
- Despite losing the first game of MKU, the team goes on a 4-1 streak to take 5th out of 28, and secure a spot into the top division for Season 1.
- A bunch of high quality memes arise this month, the most notable being the epic happy birthdays youtube channel.

July 2017
- For the first time since MK7, the team has enough members to run two teams in the main league again. The team names become "1080" and "720". 720 starts off in division 4. The team also signs up for 200cc / Battle competition, and this sets a record for most matches in a weekend for the team, and on only one game as well.

August 2017
- In the middle of the season, xi decides to revive as a team, and Cynda & Vantox left to join their former clan. As a result, the team makes the decision to transfer them off the team for the second half of the season. As a result some members had to be moved to 1080 to fill the spots in the team. Activity decreases a little bit after their exit.
- The team lets Joebo trial for the team, who helps add some of the activity back to the team.

September 2017
- The team finishes the season in fine condition, but knowing that it would have to lower itself back to a single team for future seasons. 1080 finishes 3rd with a 6-1-3 record in D1, temporarily leading the division after Week 8. 720 finishes 4th with a 3-7 record. Additionally we finish 3rd in the 200cc division (6-4) and 4th in the battle division (4-6).
- Joebo is accepted as a member, and Robel starts a trial for the team. Though he plays in the upcoming tournaments, he ultimately doesn't become a member.
- MKU decides to run a pools to bracket tournament following the first league season, and a new off site tournament series called Amplify starts up, also running pools to bracket format. This new tournament ran on Saturdays alongside MKU.

October 2017
- Ito and SuperFX are featured in Nintendo World Championships 2017, and Ito ends up winning the entire event. Nintendo eventually gifts him a Switch when hearing the news that he didn't own the console, but it has still seen very limited use up to this point....
- The MK8 team gets through pools of both tournaments without dropping a game.
- In the bracket, we get beaten by WEC in Round 1 of the winners bracket, but win 3 games in the losers bracket including a rematch vs WEC to secure a 3rd place finish in the tournament.

November 2017
- The team wins Amplify 2017 without dropping a game in the double elimination bracket, finishing 7-0 on the tournament, being the first tournament the team has won since Prime League Season 10 back in early 2015.
- MKU Season 2 begins, and we play in Division 1 again.

December 2017
- Chibi joins the team followed by Aero in this month, and activity boosts for a little bit during the holiday.

January 2018

- The team signs up for Amplify Delta.
- Fortnite starts becoming mildly popular within the team

February 2018
- HD finishes 4th in MKU Season 2.
- The official international HD meetup is officially scheduled for Summer of 2019.
- Despite getting upset by Mushroom Team in Amplify groups, the team makes a strong bracket run including a revenge win against MT. We place 2nd in Amplify Delta, losing to the team that we beat in the finals of the first event.
- HD decides to skip MKU Season 3, mainly because of Rookie wanting a break from the competition and needing to focus some more on the current school semester. The team decides to play in the MKU Cup event on Saturdays next month, however.

March 2018

- History is currently being made
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Team History
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