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 Leroy's application

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Leroy .

PostSubject: Leroy's application   Tue Jul 04, 2017 11:24 am

-Online Forum Name: Leroy
-Common Mii Names: Leroy
-Country: Germany
-Timezone: UTC+2:00
-Age: 15
-Discord ID: Leroy#8310
-NNID or Switch FC: 2454 8743 2316
-Clan History: WEC
-Best/Favorite Tracks: rRRY, MC, SA, rMC
-Worst/Least Favorite Tracks: TM, MKS, WP
-Best TTs (post actual times, doesn't matter how many you post) rCCB: 1:50.994, SSC: 1:51.970, rRRY: 1:59.305, rYV: 2:01.942
-Can you mic or listen during wars?: Yes, both listen and talk
-When did you join the MK community?: Winter 2014
-When did you first join online gaming communities in general?: 2011
-Can you play on weekdays?: Yes. Most of the days I'm available.
-What does your weekend availability look like? Available at evening my time.
-Do you generally use a PC or mobile? I use mobile.
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Leroy's application
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