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 Resumi's Application

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PostSubject: Resumi's Application   Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:34 am

- Resumi★
- Resumi★ / Resumi
- Poland
- UTC+1 / UTC+2 DST
- 15

- Resumi★#7687
- NNID: Kupecxa, SW-6182-3599-6114

- яƒ - since 3rd April 2017

- rPPP WP ♥ Big Blue ♥ rWS dNBC
- BDD (coins are INSANE)
- 17th WW (1st former) on dBB MK8D (1:25:133), dBB MK8 1:24:733, 46 PL records on MK8 and all of PL records in MK8D
I have many good times but don't want to put too much.

- I can listen only now but in future it can be changed

- in 2017
-    -||-

- Yes, in most weekends I can.
- This based on work I must do to school, on Saturdays I'm usually unavaible until 3pm but I have free whole Sundays. In July and August I can play nearly everyday pretty much

- Mobile

I'm very kind person and I'm searching for new team, because my actual is very
carcinogenic and weak. I'm human and I make mistakes, but not much and rather my luck saves me. I'm dreamer and I never give up even I got unlucky. ~~
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Resumi's Application
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