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 Torn's Birthday Free-For-All

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PostSubject: Torn's Birthday Free-For-All   Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:08 am

well, as some of you know im turning 14 one week from sunday (july 8 ). after mentioning it in a non-srs manner to rookie on chat he actually agreed to do some birthday races for me as i quote from rookie "every member should atleast have 1 day a year where a tournament is organized for them". this one will be like hd's first inner community war where it involved 3 gps of mk7, 3 gps of custom tracks and 3 gps of mkw. theres going to be a 45 minute break in between games, when 3 gps are finished players can get a 45 minute break to rest and ready for the next game.

2nd part of this is, this tourney is to celebrate my hd membership and as of next week, it'll be 7 months since i joined hd. i really love this community and if i knew how fun it was before i wouldve joined in a heartbeat. for that being said i want to thank trev for getting me to trial with him when he first started.

the ffa will take part on july 8, and it'll start at 6:30-6:50pm EST / 3:30-3:50pm PST(?). this time isnt official either, it depends whether on what time IL is done

- repicking is allowed ONCE, meaning if you pick a track, gets picked, repick it and gets picked you cant pick it again
- people outside of the community may participate if there are spots opened/people playing want more players taking part
- trolling is allowed
- trolling me = -100 wat

Mario Kart 7:
3 gps
Tiny tug only + any tires + any gliders
shells only
last kc is a Wii Koopa Cape only gp

Mario Kart Wii:
3 gps
any combos
last gp is a Koopa Cape only gp

Mario Kart Wii CTGP:
3 gps
no random
any tracks may be picked, even the ones that are usually banned
last gp is a GCN Wario Colosseum only gp

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PostSubject: Re: Torn's Birthday Free-For-All   Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:06 am

troll dad jump
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Torn's Birthday Free-For-All
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