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 Ray's Trial

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PostSubject: Ray's Trial   Tue May 07, 2013 3:09 am

Online Forum Name - SaltCure
Common Mii Names - Ray/Ray P/Raymond P/RParsons/SaltCure
Country - Canada
Timezone - NST (UTC-3:30)/NDT (UTC-2:30)
Skype ID - saltcure
When you got MK7 - July 2012
Clan History - N/A
VR - 51k
Best TTs - TC 1:19.507 (4th WW/3rd American/WR is the ultimate goal/The track I have played the most and have put the most effort into out of every track)/DH 1:39.995 (2nd American/Former AR/First sub 1:40 in America/Formerly 10th WW)/WL (Glitch) 1:18.951 (AR/8th WW/7th WW when made/First and only sub 1:19 in America)/NBC (No Glitch) 1:46.468 (10th WW/3rd American/9th WW when made)/NBC (Glitch) 1:23.782* (WR/First and only player to sub 1:24 on this track with the glitch)/MW (Glitch) 1:04.978 (AR/7th WW/First and only sub 1:05 in America)/DKJ (No Glitch) 1:56.097 (AR/5th WW)/DKJ (Glitch) 1:54.245 (AR/4th WW)
Best/Favorite Tracks - Best = TC/NBC/DKJ Favorite = TC/MP/NBC/DKJ/rMC2/rWP/rMT/rDDJ
Worst/Least Favorite Tracks - Worst = RRM/RIW/BC Least Favorite = CCL/WL/PPS/RIW/rBC1/rMG/rKD/rDKP
Vehicle Combos - Lakitu/DK/Honey Queen/Metal Mario + Cloud Nine/B Dasher + (Red) Monster + Flower Glider/Peach Parasol
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PostSubject: Re: Ray's Trial   Tue May 07, 2013 10:15 am

Nice, good luck on your trial.
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PostSubject: Re: Ray's Trial   Tue May 07, 2013 7:40 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ray's Trial   

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Ray's Trial
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