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 Eiji's Trial topic

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PostSubject: Eiji's Trial topic   Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:45 pm

-Online Forum Name : Kinder l Eiji
-Common Mii Names : Kinder7 l Eiji
-Country : France
-Timezone : GMT+1
-Skype ID : alexy.echinard
- When you got MK7 : 21 Dec 2011 1600 Hours now
-Clan History : My 1st clan was Jx then I left it since Alan was doing many wrong things and the mk7's part was dying so i went in DY,their teamplay was just horrible so I left,then I goes to Melee x who was the best clan of my life,so bad that it dies,havent understood yet why,I was in holidays,I went back at house and i saw that I was alone in the chat .. So I Tryed KA but I failed this,then 5 Clans asked me for join their clan but I said no since I always would get in HD
-VR : 8500 VR Now on my new save,I had 58 000 VR on my old one
-Best TTs : My PPS 1'49"994 is fine but I can get the WR so it sucks,MW 1'27"211,MP 1'49"659,WP 2'14"122,DKP 1'59"900,TC 1'19"966,KC 2'09"701 Don't have good times but th├Ęses are decent since I don't TT
-Best/Favorite Tracks : PPS RIW KC
-Worst/Least Favorite Tracks MC LM
-Vehicle Combos : Many different combos

Thanks :lol!:
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Eiji's Trial topic
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