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 [AV] Elsa's trial.

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Elsa MK

PostSubject: [AV] Elsa's trial.   Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:27 pm

Ok, here's my stuff.
YouTube account - ElsatheMuffin
Skype ID -
Username - Elsa MK
Common mii names - AV Elsa, Elsa, Maltomeals.
Favorite combination - Metal Mario/B dasher/red monster/flower glider.
Favorite/best courses - Rainbow road, snes Rainbow Road, ds Luigi's Mansion, and Shy Guy Bazaar.
Times in order are - 1:41.402, 1:16.107, 1:48.599, and 2:06.200.
Worst courses - bowser's castle (2:06.5xx), and Rock Rock Mointain (2:07.204). Mountain, sorry.
VR - 13k.
Time zone - eastern time.
So, when is my trial, if I'm good enough to have one? Smile
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[AV] Elsa's trial.
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