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 Shito Ryu's Tryout

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Shito Ryu

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PostSubject: Shito Ryu's Tryout   Sat Jun 28, 2014 6:19 pm

-Online Forum Name: Shito Ryu
-Common Mii Names: Shito Ryu, Malvagio32, M32, Ryu
-Country: Italy
-Timezone: CEST = GMT + 1
-Skype ID: shito.ryu
-NNID: Malvagio
-Best/Favorite Tracks: about liking, I'm still not sure. About being best, I'd say Ed and rPPS, then MC, rMC and rMP, atm
-Worst/Least Favorite Tracks: this is easier. SSC sucks and I don't like rTT, rDDD and rDP3.
-Why you want to tryout for HD: funny and good players, wop colony
-Why you think you should be accepted into HD: Huh. Ehm. Could you like me, please?  :tardtalk:

Random info (if you don't care, skip):
Used to play MKW and MK7.
In MKW I've been Viva La Figa co-leader, Oracles member, eXtreme Crew leader, Italian National Team leader. Used to go at live tournaments too, won a few. Used to TT too.
In MK7 my connection didn't work well. I soon left online because of this and a few months later I left the game completely because of high school final exams / university entrance test / university itself. Used to TT.
Now I've adapted to it and my actual connection doesn't suck, so I'd like to play in a clan.
I've known Nicola since 2009 and some other players not as well but I got along fine with them.
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Shito Ryu's Tryout
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