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 Joining High Definition

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PostSubject: Joining High Definition   Sun Jul 06, 2014 4:01 pm

Are you interested in joining High Definition, potentially interested, or just reading this for no particular reason other than boredom? Fantastic! Allow me to tell you more.


High Definition is a Nintendo gaming community established on January 27th, 2009. We play a decent range of games but our specialty is Mario Kart, and we generally play the most recent one in the series. Other popular games include Smash, Overwatch, Pokemon, Town of Salem, & Splatoon. Our journey started as a Mario Kart Wii team and we played that game for roughly 4 years, but focused on mainly Mario Kart 7 after it came out. In MK7, we were one of the best teams in the world. In Mario Kart 8, we started off strong but took a hiatus after a year due to general lack of interest in the game, but eventually came back and became even stronger than before. At this moment in time, we're looking to bring our talents over to Deluxe and aim for the top again on that game. I can assure you one thing however, and it's that becoming a part of the HD family is one that you will not regret.


I'll be as clear as possible here - we want to become as strong as possible, but one thing we will not do is to pick up players based off of skill level alone. We want our members to have a personality and to be their own unique person. We want our members to be completely comfortable in our chats, without feeling nervous about being criticized whatsoever. We want our members to be unique and well respected individuals in the community. We will hold try-outs / trial periods for new members. Try-outs are the initial abilities test, and trials are to see how you fit into our team. Never believe that you're a shoe in for joining this team just because you're a strong player, because we're looking for better quality than just that.

We currently have a relatively low total number of members, but we're still planning on participating in MKU and other tournaments. However despite having a small active total, this does not mean we're in a rush to recruit. We have a very large active squad of players, just not all of them play Mario Kart 8 on a daily basis. We have plenty of stability in our community and know that we won't be dying for real any time soon; a matter of fact, it's why we never really went away, we just stopped official competitions for a while during the MK8 era. The thing is with HD is we want people who plan to settle in and stay. We have no interest in being a piece of your MK career; we want to be the final destination. HD is very selective, and as a result it will be hard to get in the team. If we decline you, just don't be discouraged. It's possible that we think you'd be a better fit elsewhere. Everyone has potential, it's just it's up to you to find your own.

Just because we aren't on a rush to recruit though doesn't mean we don't want new members though. It would be fantastic if we got some good  additions to our roster. The people we're recruiting at the moment will be a very small and select type of group though. You're going to need to be a strong player already, but you're also going to need to have a positive impact on all aspects of our community. Try to come in thinking about what good can you do for the team - we're already thinking about what good we can do for you. We will not turn you down if we think you'll be an excellent addition.

If you pass the try-out, that's great! However, we will most likely put you on a trial period that will last up to a month. This trial serves one sole purpose, and that's to show us whether or not we want you to become a part of the HD community. We want to simulate how you fit in with us. We aren't looking for war bots, but for people. Essentially, you will have one month to prove to us that we want you to stay with us, and it may take quicker than that. My words of wisdom for your trial period can be summed up by the following: Be yourself!

Another additional thing that we want are people who put the team first in wars. Sure it's cool to drop a 140 point war, but that should never be the first thing on your mind. The team should always come first, and playing well in a team is what we are interested in. It would also be preferred if you can call during wars since we're now doing that for the first time in our team's history, but it is not 100% necessary as of right now.


In HD, the words "clan" and "community" are too very different things. The word clan refers to just the team who plays the current MK of the time, who plays to win in leagues, and are the more hardcore players. "Community" refers to HD as a whole, and all aspects of it, including the members, clan exclusive tournaments, our site, and even our own "clan memes" and chats. The priority in HD is to make sure the HD community is running properly, and next comes the clan. To join the community however, you first must be accepted into our clan. The community is simply like the lounge for all the players who have had a great impact on the team and still talk daily - and any clan member is fully welcome to take part.


"So Rookie, this looks cool and all, but why should I join?"

The simple answer to our main goal is mutual satisfaction for both the team and you as a player, but there's more to elaborate on. You're probably tired of reading though, so here's the quick details -

- Our goal is to provide you with a clan experience you'll never forget, and one that you won't want to ever leave behind.

- You'll improve as a player and have some great MK moments that you'll never forget

- Some of the most skilled MK players in the world have a home in High Definition

- Over 75% of our current community members have been in our team for at least 2 years now - you should make a lot of friends here that will make you want to stay.

- Outside of Mario Kart there's plenty of other stuff to play as well!

To fill out an app, post here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdD3oL3STDX8u-PtD_XPBiuaZQNHqFg2HIKtBK9Ll5q26oN9Q/viewform

A final note - joining this team will be difficult, and if you aren't added in, keep your head up! There are a lot of new and upcoming teams you can be a part of that would love to have you - go find those teams and find a team you bond with. We couldn't possibly take everyone in the community and we're already a pretty large group already. Remember that more teams creates a better community in general - we don't want to hog a bunch of players also. Good luck out there!

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PostSubject: Re: Joining High Definition   Sun Jul 06, 2014 8:41 pm

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PostSubject: trial   Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:08 am

can i trial for this clan?
I´m Fumi, and live in germany. I´m at a decent skill level and i like to hang out in chats with nice people. I´d like to improve my teamplay too.
My skype is fuminxii.
I have 30k vr and some decent times.

greets Fumi
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PostSubject: Joining HD   Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:22 pm

Hello, my name is YungBeast and I've been paying mariokart for about 11 years now. I'm only 15 now, but started playing very competitively online in MKW, but never joined a clan because I didn't have the time or accessibility to do so. I've recently picked up MK8DX and feel very confident with my skills, especially in 150cc. I've been searching for a good team/clan and after some research, I think your clan is best suited for me. You can contact me at my discord: YungBeast#9286. Thank you for your time, I hope I can join you in your quest to be the best!
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PostSubject: Re: Joining High Definition   

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Joining High Definition
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