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 Crowe's Tryout

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PostSubject: Crowe's Tryout   Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:39 pm

-Online Forum Name
MKBs- Croweseph This- CroweMK8

-Common Mii Names
Crowe, Poindexter


Eastern Time

-Skype ID


-Best/Favorite Tracks
Sweet Sweet Canyon, Mario Kart Stadium, and DS Cheep Cheep Beach

-Worst/Least Favorite Tracks
N64 Rainbow Road, Rainbow Road, and Dolphin Shoals

-Best TTs
1:42.95x MKS, SSC 1:54.1xx SA- 2:01.9xx (Deleted) Dont tt at all lol

-Why you want to tryout for HD
I want to tryout for HD because, I've heard many good things about them. Such as, there success in leagues and wars and what not. I would also like to tryout for HD because they are mature. Most of the members on that list like rookie, ray, and demon are veterans and good people as well. My last reason I would like to tryout for HD, is the competitive aspect, I am a competitive person when it comes to competing of coarse and I think if I war with you guys competitive talk will help me and you guys of coarse.

- I think I will get accepted because, I am a good and competitive racer, I also am very kind to every single individual, I am also am very optimistic in wars which is always good to have. And last but not least, I've been in this community awhile and I know what to do and that stuff.

Thank You Guys

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Crowe's Tryout
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