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 Hidd'n / Damian's trial.

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PostSubject: Hidd'n / Damian's trial.   Thu Aug 21, 2014 10:17 pm

-Online Forum Name: Hidd'n
-Common Mii Names: Hidd'n, Damian
-Country: England
-Timezone: GMT
-Skype ID: dthompson666
-NNID: xtransparencyx
-Best/Favorite Tracks: Sunshine Airport, MarioKart Stadium, Cheep Cheep Beach.
-Worst/Least Favorite Tracks: Grumble Volcano, Wario Stadium, N64 Rainbow Road.
-Best TTs: Honestly, I don't TT competitively at all, I find playing on my own boring and would rather play online with friends in worldwides, wars, or friendrooms. However, I occasionally practice TTing just to learn lines, new strats etc.
-Why you want to tryout for HD: I'm looking for a "family"-style clan, something that is a close-knit group and has longevity. I also want to play MK with my friends in the same clan, and want to be able to improve myself by playing with others who are of a higher standard than I. I want to be a team player in a clan that cares about teamwork, and enjoy the rest of my time on MK8 being able to have fun as well as take the game seriously.
-Why you think you should be accepted into HD: I'm a pretty chill guy who likes to have fun and joke around, and I like making new friends. I'm active, and I have experience of MKW, MK7 and MK8, and have been playing in fairly successful teams for a while, including Shift 8 on MKW, Melee X on MK7, and more recently Airstrikers on MK8. I value teamplay highly and I feel that teamwork is one of my stronger assets in wars; while I might not MVP a war, I feel like I'm a safe person to war with, and I do my job, whatever that might be. I don't rage easily, and I try to be positive in most situations.

Thanks for reading my application, look forward to hearing from you! (:
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PostSubject: Re: Hidd'n / Damian's trial.   Fri Aug 22, 2014 10:37 am

Good luck Smile
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Hidd'n / Damian's trial.
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