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 Joseph's Application

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PostSubject: Joseph's Application   Tue Dec 23, 2014 6:48 pm

Hello! My name is Joseph, and I am here today to give you my application for High Derfiniton.
Skype: joseph7898ag
NNID: Beavus
Country: USA, Mississippi
Age: 13, but I'm definitely a lot more mature for my age.
Able to call during wars?: Yes.
Former clan experience: Natural Born Players, Immortal Stars, (Black and White?)
Notable TTs: Twisted Mansion- 1:56.673 (11th American), Cloudtop Cruise: 2:00.640 (9th American, 21st WW), Dolphin Shoals- 1:59.786 (11th American), Grumble Volcano- 1:56.527 (12th WW, 5th American)
War Experience: I have warred quite some times, and I have pretty decent teamwork. Oh and I MVPed vs Kc once Smile
About you: I'm a chill person to get along with, but I will speak what I think at times
Why you want to join HD: Many good friends of mine from Immortal Stars (which recently died), have decided to come here, and I would like to join them again, as well as meet new comrades in HD. I'm trying to find the right clan that suits me and and I can relate to, and HD seems like a great option.

I hope consider me, Joseph, as a fitting member of High Definition!
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Joseph's Application
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